Freenom scams, there's no truly free domains.

Freenom scams, there's no truly free domains.

Oct 23, 2021·

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Hey there fellow devs! y'all ever heard of freenom?


What is freenom?

Well freenom is a website that allows you to get a domain that claims to give you .tk .gq .cf .ml for free? Is it really free, or is it all just a big scam?

Why everything cost something?

Well in today's day and age there's no such free products.

"If You're Not Paying for It, You're the Product"

Freenom is a domain name provider, domains usually cost between 1 dollar to 10 dollars at most, but they give it to you for free? These may seem free, but they are just a trap.

Look closely at the Trustpilot review , it's the worst thing ever. Trustpilot.png

What How

When you get a domain from freenom, it will be added to your account but when your website starts to get a lot of traffic and has a lot of views, Freenom will remove the domain from your account without notifying you and then put it on sale. You won't be able to get the domain back unless you pay a fee.

These have happens to a lot of people using freenoms (my friends included), if you wanna see for yourself look at the trustpilot reviews.

To be honest if you want a domain your better of buying it on Namecheap or Cloudflare registar , it's cheap, and it's secure and safe. I purchase my domains @ cloudflare, and the experience is fast and seamless.

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